let’s talk about personalised videos

We create personalised and interactive video content to help you cut through all the online noise and
speak directly to your audience.
You could say that we work to keep business personal.

this is what working with attento looks like:

attento is highly flexible, working with you to achieve your business objectives – whatever they may be and in whatever
format works with your message. We make it easy for you so you don’t have to get caught up in all the
tech stuff (leave that to us). We’ll set everything up, so you can just sit back and watch it all come together.

Full of features
Easy set up
Cost effective

what are personalised videos (sometimes called dynamic videos or data-driven videos)?

At their very essence personalised videos are data driven stories that can change for each viewer either in real time or as a pre-created batch. Imagine receiving a story that’s all about YOU. It could provide a snapshot of your health, earnings, spending, exercise or experiences. A personalised message using your unique data to capture your journey, whatever it may be. attento creates each recipients’ personalised story so they stop and listen. Not just any old story.

Intrigued? Visit our gallery below to see more.

what are interactive videos?

Interactive videos are more of a ‘choose your own adventure’ and offer a fully immersive experience for the audience. A viewer can interact with the video and select their own preferences as they watch, customising their journey and refining your message or call to action. Yes we are that good.

Whether it’s linking to measurable landing pages, collecting survey data, or clicking to buy products, there are endless options available to suit your messaging needs.

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looking for a combo deal?

No probs, we can do that too! Finding the right level of engagement for your clients, business and members is a journey in itself. Let us help you get the right combination you need to get the best results. Or better yet, let us show you.

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about us

At attento we like to keep business personal by giving every viewer a unique, personalised video experience. We create these video experience with a clever bunch of UX tech-experts, algorithm nerds, security specialists, and video gurus who like to build what most think are impossible tasks.

attento first launched in Australia in 2014 (with our partner agencies),and have since been helping Superannuation funds, Banks, Insurance companies, Sports Clubs, Universities, NFP, and Healthcare suppliers achieve higher levels of engagement, loyalty, and drive viewers to action.

engage, track, and learn

Are you still there ? Good. This bit’s important. Capturing data is an important part of a client’s personalised video
and interactive video journey. So if you just want to know your audience a little better, know who’s clicking on what, when
and even who! we’ve got it all covered. You’ll simply receive a login with all your data in one place. So if you want to tailor
your campaign or understand your audience a little better, you’ll have the stats to back you.

some stats
of our own

Video Completion Rate.
Higher Conversion.
Higher Engagement.

this is the
company we keep

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frequently asked questions

attento platform can personalise Text, Images, Voice/Audio, Video Segments, Call to Actions, Graphs, Videos, Colours, Backgrounds and Thumbnails
No, it can be as much or as little as you like.
YES! Our videos are MP4 file format and work perfectly when viewed on mobile phones and tablets.
YES! attento provide you with a dashboard to measure all key metrics and download raw data.
When personalised data is received prior to a campaign (CSV file) and all videos are created in one batch before sending the campaign.
Real Time Render is when personalised data is received in the moment and the video is rendered instantly (on the fly) .
Pre-Render is generally used when lots of personalised fields are required, when every video needs to be available for a long period of time, when compliance requires to check them before sending, when the data is static or when there is high volume, one-off campaigns.
Real-Time Render is generally used when video needs to be created ad-hoc, like ‘thank you for contacting us’; for ongoing campaigns, when data changes regularly or when data doesn’t pre-exist and needs to be acquired in real-time, i.e. targeting an unknown audience.
Yes, we follow all security best practices, including storing everything in Australia at AWS. Access to videos is encrypted, filenames randomised and no persistent data is stored on our database. Contact us to discuss your data security questions.
Costs vary but there are three elements that affect the pricing: 1. The cost to produce the video 2. The platform set-up costs and 3.Ongoing hosting costs. Generally speaking, the highest cost component is the video creation, however you are welcome to BYO video.
Personalised videos can integrate easily, just like using a YouTube video. Simply add your personalised video to a website or landing page and launch your campaign. Typical integration include: API, URL, Web Hook and Forms
Yes, attento player is interactive so can easily include buttons, or even fields for users to complete with their answer. Call to actions can also be personalised and can be configured with click-able actions

we play nicely with everyone!

We design technology that is platform agnostic, so you don’t have to change the way you work. We work well with everything! But if by chance your app is not on the list below, simply drop us a line and we’ll work it out.